Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods

What makes consumers loyal to a product? There are many factors ranging from sensory perception to quality and durability, and now more than ever, the sustainability of the product and its impact on the planet. Consumers use the same factors to judge all products no matter if it’s a dishwasher, athletic shoes, or mobile phones. Altair’s broad portfolio of solvers helps in every step of design.


Improving Machine Performance


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Enhancing Product Design with Multiphysics

Enhancing Product Design with Multiphysics

各种消费产品的设计必须能够承受与正常使用有关的结构和操作要求, drop, and misuse, all while balancing weight and cost considerations. Altair solutions enable simulation of structural, thermal, and fluid properties, vibration, electromagnetics, and manufacturing constraints in an integrated multiphysics environment.

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IoT-enabled Connected Devices

IoT-enabled Connected Devices

模拟需要设计和集成传感器和天线的广泛的连接可穿戴设备. 天线设计和放置工具保证了信号的可靠性和兼容性 Internet of Things 部署物联网(IoT)软件,收集设备传感器收集的数据,并将其传输给制造商,用于远程维护和产品寿命改善见解.

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Product Validation Shortens Time-to-Market

Product Validation Shortens Time-to-Market

制造商投入大量的时间和费用在物理原型上,以验证产品性能. 通过虚拟地测试多个设计概念和变量,模拟可以显著地加快上市时间. 无需物理测试和重复的重新设计迭代,就可以在大规模中有效地测试多个变体. 即使只是用模拟替代一个原型周期,也可能意味着产品比竞争对手更快进入市场.

Want to simulate plastic components accurately? We can help.

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From Conceptual Design to Reality

Consumer products are all about the user experience. Whether it is the initial impression of the packaging and shelf appeal, to the user interaction and interface, Altair can help. Altair® Inspire™ Studio allows industrial designers to develop products faster, facilitating initial sketching and exploration of styling alternatives, as well as development of photo-realistic renderings. With organic surface modeling and parametric control, and a unique construction tree history feature, designers can focus on their ideas instead of struggling with the design technology.

Altair’s industrial design services 能在用户研究、品牌、设计和原型设计等方面帮助客户吗.

HPC Driving Product Innovation

The consumer goods industry is fast paced and highly competitive, with designs becoming increasingly complex while the timeline for production shrinks. 企业必须迅速创新和开发新产品,以留住和吸引新客户. To keep up with the pace of today's innovation, 制造商需要更快地了解他们最复杂的模拟和优化工作. Altair’s high-performance computing and cloud tools enable users to easily set up, submit, and monitor large simulation and optimization jobs on local or cloud compute resources.

Innovative Engineering for Sporting Goods Performance

体育用品制造商往往走在使用先进材料驱动性能的最前沿. Designers of tennis rackets, hockey sticks, racing bicycles, and more take advantage of simulation, automation, and optimization to reduce design cycle time and enhance product value. Altair帮助他们模拟先进复合材料的行为,并准确地将模拟数据映射到测试结果,以验证设计.

With more than 30 years of crash and safety biomechanics experience, 365体育还支持体育用品制造商模拟复杂的人机交互. 利用精细的拟人结构和强大的非线性结构分析技术, 365体育投注帮助企业将生物与技术相结合,为有需要的消费者带来预防脑震荡的足球头盔等创新产品.

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Packaging Optimization Cuts Cost and Development Time

通过改进消费品所需的加工和包装也可以获得许多经济收益. 牛郎星拥有丰富的经验和专业知识,可以模拟和调整制造过程,以获得最佳性能和成本,并优化产品包装,以防止运输和滥用条件.

365体育的工艺制造解决方案使颗粒流的详细分析和可视化成为可能, like powders and tablets, through process segments and handling equipment. 这些仿真洞察可以降低制造风险,缩短产品开发周期.

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Sound and Simulation: Designing a Smart Speaker

Speaker design and analysis, especially for a more complex product, system, or component, often requires building multiple simulation models. 扬声器的开发过程涉及到多物理和多源并行, to multiple simulation runs for prototyping, testing, and validation. This results in separate models for nonlinear analysis of strength, thermal analysis and stiffness, noise, vibration, and acoustics. Even though each model isn’t always built from scratch, 通常,对每个属性使用不同的求解器将要求模型需要从一种求解器格式转换为另一种格式. 这种做法不仅费时,而且容易出错,导致工程时间的低效利用.

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The competitive consumer device industry has quick time-to-market deadlines. 智能手机相机使用音圈电机(VCM)驱动器在3个自由度中移动镜头,使物体聚焦在成像平面上,并在光学上稳定相机. To ensure optimal design, 摩托罗拉移动团队选择Altair Flux™来模拟整个VCM和摄像系统. Flux允许团队快速验证设计,确保部件兼容性和相机性能达到设计目标. 手机内的其他设备,如扬声器、天线罩、附件磁铁等. can affect the VCM performance due to magnetic interference. With Flux, the team simulated the entire VCM and phone layout, accounting for all possible magnetic interference from other devices.

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Virtual Design and Testing of a Medical Autoinjector, Project Overview

Sweden-based Nolato, 诺拉瓦是一家为众多工业和医疗应用提供注塑零件的全球供应商,已与包括365体育和阿瓦隆创新在内的公司合作开发了诺拉瓦. Nolava is Nolato’s medical self-injector, 一种复杂的机电设备,安装在注塑纤维增强塑料体中. Within this presentation different aspects of the product design cycle are considered, including co-simulations of the device operation during the actual injection process, misuse in case of forceful bending or opening of the loading tray, and drop tests of the autoinjector. Based on Altair’s optimization technology, alternatives for the rib structure of the casing are investigated. To assure manufacturability, 进行成型和装配模拟,以识别和缓解整个过程中可能发生的问题.

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How Whirlpool Evaluates and Validates Concepts in Minutes with Altair SimSolid

In this webinar, Alexandre Luis Marangoni, 惠而浦公司高级CAE工程师讨论了他们如何根据有限元求解结果验证SimSolid, then implemented the tool into their concept design processes. SimSolid is used at Whirlpool to quickly evaluate concept feasibility, answer critical design questions, and deliver designs to project teams faster than ever before. Altair will demonstrate additional powerful functionality of SimSolid, preview the upcoming SimSolid 2020 release, and introduce an exciting new integration with Altair Inspire. Inspire获奖的几何创建和修改用户体验可以在短短几个小时内学习, and now delivers SimSolid's speed and accuracy for structural analysis. For users without access to CAD software, Inspire和SimSolid组合在一起,可以在分析大型组件和复杂部件时进行交互式几何修改, all within one common user interface.

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